Changes at LARAN Consulting

LARAN Consulting has recently added Safety and Risk Management
services and this has become our primary focus. We still offer process
engineering services and welcome your engineering inquiries.
We now offer Safety & Risk Management services

We are authorized by the Department of Homeland Security as a user
of Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI)

We continue to provide process engineering services

We have been in business for 9 years

Call us at 979.292.0117 or email us at
Company Overview

At LARAN Consulting, we offer general process engineering and
conceptual/preliminary cost estimating. We specialize in polymer processing
and heat transfer. In 2009, we added Safety & Risk Management services.
These service include, but are not limited to, safety programs, job procedures,
PSM and the facilitation of safety reviews (HAZOP/What-If, PHA and
Pre-startup safety audits).

We also offer services to companies seeking to comply with the Chemical
Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) 6 CFR 27.
LARAN Consulting, LLC
Process Engineering, Safety & Risk Assessment
LARAN Consulting, LLC
Process Engineering, Safety & Risk Assessment
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Significant Accidents

Flixborough, England
28 Killed


Mexico City, Mexico
650 Killed

Bhopal, India
2000+ killed

Institute, WV
135 Injured

Henderson, NV
2 Killed
350 Injured

Pasadena, TX
24 Killed
132 Injured


Cincinnati, OH
2 killed
41 Injured

Lake Charles, LA
6 Killed
6 Injured

Sterlington, LA
8 Killed
128 Injured

Charleston, SC
9 Killed
33 Injured