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LARAN Consulting, LLC
Process Engineering, Safety & Risk Assessment
The potential for property damage is an unfortunate reality in the commercial
world, particularly in the chemical process industry. A more unfortunate reality
is the potential for personal injury and even the loss of life. As a supervisor,
the last thing you ever want to have to do is to make that phone call to tell
someone that their loved one has been injured or even worse, killed in a work
related accident.

In consideration of the foregoing, LARAN Consulting has adopted the
following guidance:
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide detailed, quality safety and engineering services to
help you minimize those events which have the potential to result in property
damage, personal injury or death.
Company Profile

LARAN Consulting has been in business for nine years. During that time we
have provide engineering and safety services, on a contract basis, to a variety
of clients both foreign and domestic. The company was started by Larry
Wilson when he retired from The Dow Chemical Company after 31+ years of
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